About Us

Artisanal coffee & to go food prepared with first-class Island hospitality.

Slingstone Coffee is an international-inspired drive thru and lifestyle brand committed to providing a genuine daily beverage escape for all our locals. We offer premium coffee and healthy and delicious eats to go through an always welcoming experience that embraces our laid back island approach to life.

Slingstone Coffee owners are influenced from New Zealand to Japan and London to Seattle coffee hubs where premium coffee is a way of life. It has come that slingstone and our coffee has become synonymous with a good brew and this has led other non slingstone customers to make a switch.

Choose from our sustainably sourced options of Green Turtle (Espresso blend), Reef Blend (Filter / Drip brew blend), Decaf (Great for all brews) and Single Origin coffees direct from farms across Asia, Central America & Africa.

Once we have used our grinds we reuse and recycle them ready for your garden.



Our Commitment

Slingstone is committed to changing people’s perceptions of coffee. In 2017 we had a dream to make coffee better and developed The Slingstone Coffee and Tea concept. It’s more about creating a satisfying coffee experience relevant to each individual taste. We are focused on sharing the variety of coffee and tea available so locals can enjoy the quality of coffee they consume and the way it’s served.

The Slingstone team consists of expert baristas skilled with the finest quality espresso equipment, who have had extensive experience pulling shots and creating a mixology experience to create our own little island coffee culture hub.

However we are human and sometimes we get it wrong. Maybe the product or the lack of training but we are willing to talk and make it better for you! Honest human vibes trying to make it better for you.




Want to join the growing Slingstone team? Click here to apply.



Our Gratitude

All the designers, contractors, vendors, and employees who have worked patiently with us, but mostly we would like to give thanks to our loyal customers who helped become part of our dream to make coffee better.




  • August 2017 formed the Slingstone Coffee and Tea company
  • August 2018 opened the first coffee container drive thru opposite Adelup on Route 1 in the west Hagatna village of Anigua.
  • November 2018 opened the second coffee container location inside a warehouse that used to operate as a safety inspection along Route 1 in East Hagatna.
  • August 2019 built a mobile coffee cart to develop their next locations at Barrigada, Tumon and Two Lovers Point.
  • July 2020 opened the third location on Route 16’s, Army Drive in Upper Barrigada. An abandoned house has been revitalized into a temporary drive thru while they put the finishing touches to their third coffee container concept.